Do I need second 3D printer?

Short answer: no. But… I really would like one… At this time I have one Ender 3 Pro printer and it has been going strong for over an year now. There are times that I wish I had second one since this one is doing a long print. I have not yet purchased second printer but hey lets have fun thinking of it!

The Dream#

Prusa. I really would like to have Prusa printer. I know it is a pricy printer but it has many things for its side. They do offer customer support and guarantee that many chinese brands does not have or if they do it is horrible.

Prusa MKS+ with MMU

If I had all the money I could spend I would got the Original Prusa i3 MKS+ printer and Multi Material upgrade for it. This would cost about 1300 euros. Also if I really would have the money I would also get the Prusa Mini printer (380€) since hey I got the money so why I would not get the mini?

The Reality#

Well the reality hits and for the 1000 euros that the ready build Prusa printer costs I can get 5-6 Ender 3 Pro printers. For the 770 euros that the kit version of Prusa printer costs I can get 4-5 Ender 3 Pro printers. Ender 3 Pro costs 170 euros in Aliexpress at the time of writing this thing. Also Ender 3 v2 costs 230 euros so it is a bit more than the Pro version.

To be honest I like my Ender 3 Pro printer. It works fine and it does the job and can produce awesome prints. I also like to dabble with it and do upgrades (printed and bought). Lets do some math. Lets calculate how much I have used money for parts that are in my printer now:

  • Ender 3 Pro (with glass bed): under 200€ (over a year ago)
  • BLTouch upgrade: 40€ (year ago)
  • SKR MINI E3 V2.0+TFT35 E3 V3.0: 60€ (month ago)

These three things are the main parts of it. Also I have the famous yellow springs and red extruder. Those where few euros. Also I have new fans waiting for installation. So over 300 euros worth of money. I have also upgraded my mainboard before SKR Mini. But if I was doing these upgrades now the prices would be a bit lower. So in about 300 euros for good Ender 3 Pro with upgrades. Even then I could get 2-3 Ender 3 Pro printers for the price of one Prusa. Still I dream about Prusa…

I know there are other 3D printer brands. But these to are the most familiar with me. I also know about resin 3D printers but I have no space for those machines.

I found a good quote: “If you want to do 3D printing: get Prusa. If you want to do 3D printers: get an Ender”. It means that if you want hazzle free printing use Prusa and if you like to dabble with 3D printers get an Ender. I agree with that.

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Do I need second 3D printer?