Favorite upgrades to my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer

I have been using my Ender 3 Pro 3D printer for over a year now. So I have been printing upgrades and also I have purchased some upgrades! Here are some of my favorites.


This is probaply one of my favorite upgrades to my 3D printer that I have bought. BLTouch makes the whole bed leveling/tramming process super easy. Configure once and then just print.

Installation is quite easy and then you just need to configure Marlin and dabble with settings. It is a bit pricy but I think it is well worth the money.

Glass bed#

When I got the Ender 3 Pro, I also got the Creality glass bed. I did not start using it right away since it came with magnetic sheet with somekind of texture and it worked quite fine. Crealitys glass bed also has some kind of texture.

After I got the BLTouch and some IPA then I changed my bed to Creality glass bed and have never gone back. I highly recommend using IPA for cleaning the glass bed. Prints stick to the bed quite well.

“Silent” motherboard#

My Ender came with noisy stepper motors so one of the first purchases was “silent” motherboard and I ordered the Crealitys own board. Nowadays I’m rocking BigTreeTech SKR Mini E3 v2.0 board and I will write own blog post about it.

X & Y axis belt tensioner#

I was having a bit hard time to get the belts tensioned right so I searched Thingiverse for belt tensioning. I found one for X and one for Y axis. These prints have been in use since I printed them.

Here are the Thingiverse links for tensioners that I printed:

Raspberry Pi & Octoprint#

Well this deserves own blog post but I just want to mention this. Raspberry Pi with Octoprint is almost a must upgrade. You can easily to start printing and monitor your prints. Also with Octorpint you can disable SDSUPPORT from Marlin and save some precious space.

It has a lot of userful plugins and it truly is a wonderful addon to any 3D printer.

Metal extruder#

The plastic one what comes with Ender 3 Pro is ok but I have seen pictures that filament starts “eating” the plastic. I got metal extruded for my printer (you know the red one). It has been working just fine and still going strong.

Yellow bed springs#

The springs that come with printer are… well not so good. I ordered the famous yellow bed springs and they are a lot of stiffer than the originals.

Extruder knob#

Yeap, this is a simple print. I printed this quite basic one but you can find a lot of alternatives for this.

Your favorite upgrades?#

I probably forgotten some of them, but hey I can always write another blog post! What are your favorite upgrades and/or what did I forgot?

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