Thinking About Getting Creality CR-10 V3

I have wrote about second printer but now I think I have needs for it. Let me explain.

I have been printing a lot. And I think I’ve fixed some issues mentioned earlier . I will write more about that, but to the point. I need bigger build volume.

I printed some sock blockers for my wife and had to split them apart. So my Ender 3 Pro 235x235mm build volume is too small.

I did some research and found Ender 5 Plus and when I asked around I got suggested CR-10 v3. Problem with Ender 5 Plus is that it does not fit in my table so CR-10 v3 it is then.

At this time I’m doing more research of CR-10 v3 and when the time comes I think I will get it.

CR-10 v3 has some great features like direct drive, 300x300mm build volume, dual z axis, full metal hotend and some other cool things. I only need BLtouch for it since I love it on my Ender 3 Pro.

Yeah, it is pricier than Prusa Mini and Ender 3 Pro but it has large build volume.

Do you have any suggestions or knowledge about reasonably priced large volume 3D printers?

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